· Use the number key, above, to calculate the vibration of your Name, adding each number that corresponds to a letter in your name together like this: TRACEY is 2 + 9 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 27 (now reduce it further by adding 2 + 7) = 9 or if I want to be most exact I’d say: 27/9. Do not reduce the Master Numbers (11 and 22) right away. Here is an example:

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But my experience with folks is that their vibration is much more in the area of anguish, anger, and haughtiness, than in the Unconditional Love zone ... It is, in my personal opinion, not valuable to know merely your vibration score, people also refer to it as vibrational frequency.

Your vibration number clearly expresses your current paradigm, what you can see, and what you can't. And what you can and can't see gives you your life: all of it. Your vibration number expresses where you can locate yourself on the map of consciousness, how far you are from living the life you were meant to …

"Vibrational frequency" is a number on a logarithmic scale, and it measures how accurately your world view and your emotions, thinking, behavior match reality, to what degree you have departed from human animal and rose to the level of human being. The current level of vibration of humanity is 120, which is about 1% of the way to human beingness.

Vibration is a very complicated number, but I can tell a world about you through it. Your vibration number (between 1 and 1000) tells me how you react to things that are happening. Tells me how truthful you are with yourself and others. Tells me the level of your health, your attitude to feedback and guidance. How accurate your world view is, compared to reality.


 · The first and most effective technique to raise your vibrational frequency is meditation. Meditation is the easiest way to boost your vibration because it requires you to cease all thought. When you cease thought, your vibration instantly jumps back up into positivity because that is …


 · Name numerology: what is it? Does your name really have a vibration? The answer is YES and you can figure out what it is in this post! Not only does your name have a numerical frequency, it also carries a vibration just be speaking it (you can learn more about vibration and frequency in …

As my old name would add up to 35=8. It equals to 8 but 8 is ruled by Saturn. It doesn't give a positive vibration to my day number 2 and life number 6. But Mahesh Sastry gives a positive vibration as it adds up to 23 + 14 = 37 = 1 = Sun. Shall I officially change my name? Or there are still any negative vibrations in my new name? Reply by Kannan M


 · Do you want to know the color attached to your vibration in association with the 7 chakras? take this quiz to find out! Published July 13, 2016 · Updated July 13, 2016 July 13, 2016 · 5,255 takers